Variety and quality are the main ingredients of Baskin Robbins’ international appeal. Feast on our range of custom-made desserts – ice cream rolls, clown-cone, cake slice and more… made with World’s best ice cream flavours.

Baby Shower Cake
Graduation Cake
Berry Garden Cake

Sunflower Cake
Celebration Cake
Diploma Cake

Trendy Tie Cake
Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Mother's Day Round
Mother's Day Heart
Mother's Day Bouquet Cake

Mother's Day Hearts & Flowers Cake
Traditional Heart Round
Swirling Rose Cake

G-Cute Dad Cake
Dad's Shirt Cake
Flower Heart Cake

Red & White Swirl Heart
Valentine Round
"Be Mine" Mini
Valentine Cake

Sweetheart Cake
Valentine Bow Cake
Floral Bouquet

Fudge Nut Round
Celebration Sensation
Rainbow Round

Mother's Day
Floral Cakes
Fudge Heart